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Miss Carolina

Poor old Miss South Carolina

How to shower like a man or a woman

Peter Russell-Clarke's out-takes

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Australian Comedy

Posted by Matt on October 25, 2008

The Ronnie Johns Half Hour - Chopper Skits - Harden the f$@# up - Ring tone - F$@# counter - Hippies - Horoscopes - Weather forecast - Art Auction

Fast Forward - Kung Fu Parody - Cecilia Yawn Ad - Chenille's Institute d'beautaay - Skippy - Lynne -

The Late Show (D-Gen), Tommy G interviews: John Hewson - Paul Keating - Desmond Tutu - Imran Khan -

Misc - Telestubbies - Bargearse - Sean Micallef: Computron Solutions Ad - Sean Micallef: Sotto Voce -

British Comedy

Posted by Matt on October 25, 2008

The Fast Show - Suit you - Rowley Birkin QC - Unlucky Alf - Bob Fleming's folk songs

Harry Einfield and Chums: L is for Labor - Women, know your limits

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Touching cloth - Corner shop - Numberwang - Dying of embarrassment - Cheesoid

Big Train - Office activities - Prince

Yes Minister / Prime Minister - Complete confidence - The key - The tangled web

Other links - Newman and Baddiel Cranky old Dons

Other Detritus

Posted by Matt on October 27, 2008

My sister Lee did a ride through Cambodia to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research in 2007. You'll find the blog and image pages here.

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