Emily Chowings genealogy

Emily Chowings

Emily Chowings was born at home at 14 Bridwell Road Devonport, UK on 5 February 1902. She was one of the seven children of Henry Chowings and Mary Gliddon.

I have a copy of a Pearl Assurance Company life insurance policy taken out by her mother on Emily on 2 September 1918 for the princely sum of 9L. 14s. 0d. after 10 years. Her address is listed as 4 Horsham Cottages, Honicknowle (now known as Butt Park Road). Emily worked at Burrington Estate as a nanny, and this is where she met her future husband William who was a groom in the stables.

On 6 or 7 January 1922 (there is a correction hand written on the marriage certificate) she married William Thomas Sammels at the Pennycross Parish Church in Devon. Her address at marriage is listed as 5 Horsham Cottage Honicknowle. You can read more about their married life here.

William Sammels

Henry Chowings genealogy

Posted by Matt on June 30, 2008

Henry Chowings I'm just staring the research about Henry Chowings.

Henry Chowings at one time was a leading hand with the water board in Cornwall. He was listed on Emily's birth certificate as a labourer at the Keyham Extension works at the nearby naval port. See http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/keyham_dockyard.htm for more information about the works. He is listed on Emily's marriage certificate as a 'pipelayer'.

According to his marriage certificate to Mary Gliddon he was 28 when he married at Buckland Monachorum Church in Devon. His occupation is listed as a "labourer" and his father William Chowings was listed as deceased.

Based on his age at marriage, I have searched the FreeBMD register and found a birth entry for Henry in the December quarter of 1869. I have ordered this and will post any results from this when it arrives.

If you can help with information contact me at genealogyATsammels.com .

Gliddon genealogy

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2008
Mary Gliddon

As with Henry Chowings, our family knows little about Mary Gliddon. I am waiting for the marriage certificate to turn up to find out a bit more. We do know that Emily Chowings' maternal grandfather was a bootmaker.

Mary was the daughter of Thomas Gliddon. On 18 January 1896 at the age of 22 she married Henry Chowings before Rev. Charles Green. The Marriage was witnessed by William Henry Penney and Annie Gliddon. Both Mary and her husband Henry are listed as residing in Milton in Buckland Monachorum. Mary's age at marriage is 22 and the FreeBMD index shows her birth as being in the December quarter of 1874. I have ordered a copy of the certificate and I will add more when this is to hand.

I already have a copy of Thomas' birth certificate (Mary's father) and he was born on 4 October 1850 in Okehampton, Devon, the son of Joseph Gliddon and Hannah Hill. On his daughters marriage certificate in 1896 he is listed as a 'labourer' (thank goodness for the correct English spelling)

Hopefully dad will come up with some good facts soon, but if you have anything to add email me at genealogyATsammels.com .

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