Website update, and about time I hear you say?

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Well I've finally changed the layout and style of this website. After having the same lame old style sitting there and content magically falling off with differnet browsers, I decided to take the plunge and re-vamp it. Major areas now include my genealogy (so far), pictures, the ubiqutous YouTube videos I find funny and other stuff.

Let me know if you like the new style. The css is from csstemplates.

And if anything does not work, let me know please :-) It is, and I think always will be very much under construction.

Sammels, Cogger, Considine and Chowings genealogy

Posted by Matt on April 25, 2008

I can't take credit for all of the work on this, but here you will find links to my genealogical history that has been traced so far. Included here are the known trees of my paternal grandparents William Sammels (b.1893 d.1965 ) and Emily Chowings (b.1902 d.1988 ); and my maternal grandparents Bertrand Adrien Cogger (b.1908 d.1980 ) and Edna Considine (b.1911 d.1983).

Included here are some images, documents, lists of names and links to useful sites.

Images and other things

Posted by Matt on April 25, 2008
A chinese dragon

I love and I am warming to YouTube.

Here you'll find links to some photos I have taken, favourite funny pictures and links to some great (mainly British) comedy on YouTube.

ChallengeMD Cambodia 2007

Posted by Matt on April 25, 2008

My sister Lee did a ride through Cambodia to raise money for Muscular Dystropyhy research in 2007. You'll find the blog and image pages here.

From my keyboard

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This is the box where most people put in famous quotes or inspirational stuff. All I want to say is thanks for clicking-by and I hope that some of the content here is of use.

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