Bertrand Cogger genealogy

Bert Cogger

My maternal grandfather Bertrand Adrien Cogger was born in Metcalfe Victoria on 30 June 1908. He was the third youngest of the ten children of Thomas Cogger and Evelyn Sophia Cavalier. Bert's siblings include Sybil Audrey b.1891, Carl Raymond b.1893, Emile Ernest b.1895, Freda Maud b.1897, Rupert Henry b.1900, Marjorie Evelyn b.1902, Dulcie Aldyth b.1905, Laurence Arnold Thomas b.1911 and Bernhardt D'Arcy b.1914.

As Bert's mother Evelyn was sick for the majority of his childhood, he and his two younger brothers were left to their own devices. bert spent most of his time out catching rabbits with his dogs and had a desire to become a schoolteacher. But by the time this choice was to be made, the depression was setting in and at the age of 17 he took off up the east coast of Australia seeking work. Little did he know that he had already met his future wife at the dances in Drouin.

According to his own job description, during the depression he was a first class bum as he had a horse and jinker. He held down various jobs during the depression, working as a shearers cook, working in a tomato sauce factory, a cheese factory, a biscuit factory, felling trees and working in sawmills. Luckily my grandmother was a great cook as from these working experiences, he steadfastly refused to eat commercially available biscuits or tomato sauce for the rest of his life. My mother remembers him telling her that during this time he rode his horse back all the way from Queensland to Victoria for a family emergency.

Moving back to Drouin after the worst of the depression, Bert lived in a house that was opposite to the one Edna Considine lived in, straddling the Warragul - Drouin road. Dancing with Edna again at the dances, on 27 March 1937 they married at St Ita's Catholic church in Drouin. My mother, Rhonda Ann was born in 1938, followed by a son who died at birth in 1939. Next was Helen Adrian b.1941 in Orbost and finally Lynette Mary b.1947 in Traralgon.

With the outbreak of the war in 1939, Bert was going to sign up for the navy, but with the death of his son this did not occur and instead he was conscripted. As he had a family, they were shipped off to Tostaree, where Bert managed the railway station. There was very little there apart from the school and teachers house, post office and the postmasters house and the house that Bert and Edna lived in. Major shopping was done in Orbost that required a ride on the train. Tostaree was part of the war effort, and Bert was primarily supervising trains that were moving supplies, troops and raw materials like charcoal around. Coming from Irish stock, Edna was always being pestered by snakes.

When Rhonda was 5, the family left Tostaree and moved to Traralgon. The larger family, which included Helen Adrien (b. Jan 1941) at this time, lived in the front two rooms of a house in the town. Bert always said that when the war ended, and conscription was lifted, that he would walk out from his post. When peace came in 1945, he promptly did this and found work at the paper mills outside of Traralgon. Bert was a painter by trade and was engaged to paint the buildings of the mill and adjacent accommodation. Bert continued to do this work up until his retirement.

In January 1947 Lynette Mary came on the scene, and even though materials were still scarce, Bert and Edna started building their own house at 17 Mason St. Regulations were that the house could have only two bedrooms, and this is why many houses of the time have 'sleepouts' or a louvre enclosed verandah. Both Bert and Edna lived in this house up until the time of Bert's death in 1980. I always remember it having a great garden, a pantry full of baked goods and the whitest paint on the outside.

You can read more about the Cogger - Cavalier family tree here, on a site set up by Kay Cook (a Cogger cousin). Peter Cogger has also set up a site on the Coggers and you can go to that here

Edna Considine

Thomas Cogger genealogy

Posted by Matt on June 16, 2008

Thomas CoggerThomas Cogger was born on 29 June 1864 in Brighton, Victoria. Thomas was the eldest of the ten children of Charles Cogger and Emilie Friedriche Diehl. Charles Cogger was born on 2 May 1833 in Spitalfields, London, England and died on 26 August 1915 in Macedon, Victoria. Emilie Friedriche Diehl was born on 8 February 1837 in Stetten im Remstal, Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Charles and Emile married on 20 August 1863 at All Saints church in St Kilda, Victoria. You can read all about the family back to 1690 on Kay Cook's page. Charles came over to work in Australia as a geologist.

Thomas' siblings include Charles Diehl b.1866, Johanna b.1868, Eleanor Harper b.1869, Emilie b.1871, Ernest Frederick b.1873, Henry Edward b.1875, Emily b.1876, Bertha b.1877 and Anna Maree b.1880. The Cogger family moved to the Mount Macedon area around 1864 and Charles built the family house - "the Laurels" and became a prominent businessman in the Gisborne area, serving on the council for a number of years. In 1876 he opened up his coach and wagonnette business, taking tourists from the Mt Macedon and Gisborne train stations up to the resorts on the mountain.

Thomas did not take over management of the family business with his father, that was left to Charles Diehl. Regardless, Thomas was involved in some of the day to day running of the business as he met his future wife at his frequent visits to the Governors Cottage on Mt Macedon. On 13 April 1891, Thomas and Evelyn married and held their reception at the Governor's Cottage (see entry below). Initially the family lived on a farm in Kyneton and later moved to Drouin. Thomas died on 15 September 1936 in Drouin.

Evelyn Sophia Cavalier genealogy

Posted by Matt on May 12, 2008
Evelyn Cavalier

Evelyn Sophia Cavalier was born in Dunedin in New Zealand on 13 April 1872. Evelyn was the sixth child of John Cavalier (b.14 December 1838 London d.12 October 1873 Dunedin, New Zealand) and Ann Sophia Fletcher (b.17 Jun 1845 West London d.5 October 1929 Belgrave, Victoria). Evelyn's siblings were John William b.1863, Samuel Alfred b.1864 , Francis Arthur b.1866, Ernest Sidney b.1867, Florence b.1869 and Emily b.1874. The family originally resided in Victoria as John William was born in Fiztroy. By the time Samuel Alfred was born, they were living in Dunedin, New Zealand. The remainder of the children were born in Dunedin, and Evelyn's father John died there in 1873 at the age of 34. At the time of Johns death, Evelyn's mother was pregnant with Emily. By the time of her brother Samuel's death in 1881, Evelyn and her family were living in Victoria. You can see the whole tree back to 1774 on Kay Cooks page on the Cavaliers.

When Evelyn met Thomas Cogger, she was working at Government Cottage in Mount Macedon, Victoria as a domestic, her mother Ann Sophia Cavalier was the housekeeper. As noted above, Thomas was in the Cogger family business of running coaches and would have met Evelyn when he would come into the kitchen while waiting for his passengers. On her 19th birthday, 13 April 1891 Evelyn married Thomas (27), and from Kay Cook's page comes the following:

... in the Gisborne newspaper: "A wedding party was held by Mrs. Cavalier, which was held in the large hall of Government Cottage. His Excellency having conveyed, through his secretary, his kind permission, and expressed a hope that all would enjoy themselves heartily. Dancing, singing, games of all kinds, succeeded one another in quick succession, and were entered into with a spirit that was evidence of the enjoyment of the guests. Mrs. Cavalier proved a kind and attentive hostess, continually active in promoting the comfort and pleasure of her guests. Supper was partaken of shortly after eleven, the company sitting down to repast at which substantials and delicacies to suit all tastes were abundantly provided. A short toast list, the speeches brief and to the point, as they should be, was got through, after which dancing and other amusements were again in vogue till about four in the morning, when the company dispersed, tired doubtless, but happy in having spent a very enjoyable time in celebration of the nuptials of their young friends."

See the entries above regarding Bertrand and Thomas Cogger for more on Evelyn and their ten children. Evelyn was fairly ill with tuberculosis around the time of the birth of my grandfather Bert, and spent an extended period of time in and out of hospital from this time on. As a result, Thomas was primarily responsible for raising the their three youngest children, and Bert, Bernie and Laurie ended up running pretty wild. Evelyn died on 22 March 1940 in Richmond, Victoria.

Rhonda Cogger

Posted by Matt on April 25, 2008

Rhonda CoggerRhonda Ann Cogger was born in was born in Drouin in 1938. The eldest child of Bertrand and Edna Cogger. I'm typing up a brief bio, but in the meantime, click over to Doug Sammels to read more about mum.



Cogger Considine

Bert Cogger

Bert Cogger and Edna Considine in Drouin on their wedding day 27 March 1937

Bert Cogger c1930's

Bert Cogger

Photo taken of Bert Cogger with his brother Laurie in the mid 1930's.

Bert Cogger c1975

Bert Cogger

Photo taken of Bert Cogger by my Aunt Lyn sometime in the mid 1970's.

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